Bob Boshnack
Chairman, Vision Financial Markets, LLC

Bob Boshnack is Chairman of Vision Financial Markets and principal shareholder in Vision Brokerage Services LLC, Vision Investment Advisors LLC, and High Ridge Holding Company with offices in NY, Connecticut and Chicago.

Bob is a long-time physical fitness devotee, former body building champion, and placed first in the Down Town Athletic Club “Iron Man Competition”. Bob is also well known among his peers as an avid outdoorsman, fisherman, sports car enthusiast, and horticulturist. As a motivational speaker and writer, he has also made it a point to share with his readers, "secrets" he has discovered to lead a more successful, healthy and productive lifestyle. Many have taken Bob's advice to heart, enriching their own lives--particularly in stressful times as these. Hopefully, you, too, will find Bob's message just as timely and relevant.


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